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Admission requirements

Applicants must have successfully completed a Master's degree (or an equivalent degree, for example a three year degree with an additional one-year honors programme) in Psychology (for all topics) or in another social science field (only for topics in Portsmouth and Maastricht) in which sufficient psychology and research methods training has been completed to pursue doctoral training in the Erasmus Mundus programme. Additional academic qualifications may also be considered. 
Applicants who have studied for five years and have a two-year Master's degree can apply for all topics. Applicants who have studied for four years and have a one-year Master's degree can apply for topics in Portsmouth and Maastricht, not in Gothenburg. 

Excellent grades are expected. Preference will be given to those candidates proven to be experienced in (experimental) research and those who possess general knowledge of Law. Applicants who do not have graduated yet at the time of the application deadline, but who expect to graduate before the beginning of the programme, can also apply for admission subject to timely graduation.

Since the programmes’ official language is English, applicants must prove proficiency in English language (i.e., TOEFL minimum score of 103 (internet based; or comparable scores on paper-based or computer-based TOEFL), or IELTS minimal average score of 7.5 without any category below 7.5).

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